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Future Articles Include:

bio of Raphael Bolsky/Bogopolsky

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Dec 14, 2010
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Coming Soon: bio of Jacob Bogopolsky (Jacques Bolsey)
Nov 30, 2010
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Bolsey.com is up
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Bolsey.com Home

This site is an overview of the Bolsey family, an American offshoot of the Swiss Bolsky/Boolskys and the original, Russo-Ukranian Bogopolsky family.

This branch of the family acquired its name with the arrival in 1939 in New York of Jacob Bogopolsky, who changed his name to Jacques Bolsey.

Jacques Bolsey was already well-known in Switzerland as the inventor of the Bolex movie camera and the Alpa still camera. In the U.S. he established Bolsey Corporation of America and designed and produced a wide variety of cameras and photo equipment for the U.S. market.

BCA was also an important supplier of photo equipment to the U.S. military during the Second World War.

Jacques Bolsey's second wife, Maria Nussbaumer, joined her husband in the U.S. a few years after his arrival, and his second son, Emil, and his wife, Margo, arrived in 1948.

Emil and his brother, Raphael, had been important collaborators with their father since their teenage years. In the U.S. Emil joined BCA as vice-president, and was a key co-designer on many of his father's projects.

Emil went on to become an inventor in his own right, and an important figure in both space exploration and defense technology.

For more info on the Bogopolsky family, see www.bogopolsky.com

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